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Useful Links

Joining Our School

Admissions Arrangements

Joining the school at the beginning of Year 7

If you are currently in Year 6 and would like to join our school, please make your application before 31st October.  Applications must be made through the Local Authority in which you live via the following links:

Leicestershire County Council

Warwickshire County Council

Leicester City Council

Derbyshire County Council

We will be holding open events for prospective Year 7 students and their parents in September. Please see the following link for details Open Events.


Joining the school in all other years or during Year 7

We are currently full and significantly over our Planned Admission Number (PAN) in all years. 

For any questions regarding the admissions process please contact the school at: or 01455 290251.


Statutory Information:

TMBS Admissions Policy 2020

TMBS Admissions Policy 2019